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Monday, 27 March 2017

Send users to your site after clicking on an animated GIF on Facebook

In 2015, Facebook begun supporting animated GIF images. An animated GIF is a graphic image that moves in a loop. Animated GIFs are commonly used by websites like Imgur, Twitter, Reddit and BuzzFeed. Businesses can use the power of animated GIFs to get people's attention. Posting one on Facebook is easy: just post the URL of the GIF into the status update box.

There's one downside: GIFs aren't very suitable for generating traffic to your website. At least, not if a user clicks or taps the GIF. The GIF automatically plays when a user scrolls by, and when someone clicks the little button in the bottom right corner of the GIF, the GIF opens in a new window. On mobile, a tap on the GIF also results in a new window playing the GIF.

In this post, I'll show you how you can use a small Node.js web application to solve this shortcoming. Although we're using Node.js in our code examples, the same concept can be easily implemented using other server side languages like C# or PHP.

So, what do we want to accomplish? We want to share an animated GIF on Facebook. When someone sees the GIF in Facebook's feed, we want to display the GIF. But when the GIF is clicked, we want it to lead to our website, not to a new window with the GIF.

Control the GIF

As long as we use the original URL of the GIF, the GIF will always to be shown as it is. Instead, we want the GIF to become a redirect to our website, and thus we need more control over the GIF. To do this, we will use some code to proxy the GIF request.
To proxy a request means that instead of showing an image directly, the image is loaded into your own application. That way Facebook sees the image served by your server instead of the original server.
I won't go into the specifics of writing a proxy with Node.js, but you can read about it all over the internet. With the code below, we create a small application that starts an Express web server to proxy the image using the imageUrl query string parameter.
var express = require('express');  
var app = express();  
var url = require('url');  
var http = require('http');

// Start the Express server
app.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000)

// When someone hits facebook.gif
app.get('/facebook.gif', function(request_from_client, response_to_client){  
    // Get real GIF URL from the query string (?imageUrl=...)
    var imageUrl = request_from_client.query.imageUrl;
    var image_host_name = url.parse(imageUrl).hostname
    var http_client = http.createClient(80, image_host_name);
    var image_get_request = http_client.request('GET', imageUrl, {"host": image_host_name});
    image_get_request.addListener('response', function(proxy_response){
        response_to_client.writeHead(proxy_response.statusCode, proxy_response.headers)
        proxy_response.addListener('data', function(chunk){
            response_to_client.write(chunk, "binary");
        proxy_response.addListener('end', function(){
I've got this code running in a Heroku app. You can test it for yourself replacing the imageUrl value in the query string: This should just show the GIF.

Redirect to your site outside Facebook

The proxy just returns the original image, and that's exactly what we want when our image is displayed in the Facebook Feed. But if we click it, we want to open our site. So we need to find out whether the image is shown in the Feed or in a new window. Luckily, it's pretty easy to recognize the Facebook user agent. The user agent string contains visionutils or facebookexternalhit when a URL is called from within Facebook.
const agent = req.headers['user-agent'].toLowerCase();  
const isFacebook = agent.indexOf('visionutils') > -1 || agent.indexOf('facebookexternalhit') > -1;  
isFacebook is true when a link is opened in Facebook (a GIF in a feed) and falsewhen it's outside Facebook (a click on the GIF). Now all we have to do is check for this value, and if it's true, redirect the user to our site.
// Redirect URL
const redirectUrl = '';

if(!isFacebook) {  
    // Redirect to the redirect URL
    res.writeHead(302, {
        'Location': redirectUrl,
    // Close the connection
    return res.end();
The complete code is available on [GitHub].(

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sandalwood stars rally in support of Kambala

Actors Jaggesh, Rakshit Shetty, Ragini, N Prem, and Yash have all echoed the same sentiment that Kambala should be held.

Sandalwood stars have raised their voices against the ban on Kambala, a buffalo racing sport that has been prevalent in Karnataka for centuries now.


The PETA has filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court seeking a stay on the sport and the matter is pending.

With the students protesting against the ban on Jallikattu and the Tamil Nadu government passing an Act in favour of it, the Sandalwood stars have now decided to lend their support for saving their traditional sport.

Actors Jaggesh, Rakshit Shetty, Ragini, N Prem, and Yash have all echoed the same sentiment that Kambala should be held. Speaking on the issue, Jaggesh called for unity among the Kannadigas.

Times of India quoted Yash as saying, “Farmers take care of their cows and buffalos like they take care of their children. The care for buffaloes is not just during the Kambala races but throughout the year. There is a special relationship and attachment between the farmers and their animals. It is our identity that we will lose if Kambala is banned. I am in favour of Kambala. It is not only about Kambala, and not just about one sport in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. We cannot allow our nativity to be stamped out.”

Prem was quoted as saying, “The Karnataka Chief Minister had to wait for one month just to get an appointment with the Prime Minister. Our political parties do not come together even for the cause of drinking water. It is silly to expect them to unite for Kambala or any of our traditions and culture. If Kambala is banned, Deepavali and Holi too should be banned. Deepavali pollutes and many people lose their eyesight every year. Not only Kambala, but there are several sports, involving animals in north Karnataka. If we don’t stand for our traditions, everything will be erased. Banning Kambala is not the answer. Let them suggest and give their ideas on how to take care of the buffaloes better. You cannot ask someone to stop something that has endured for a thousand years. Unless Kannadigas stand up united, we will lose what is ours one by one. I do not expect politicians to unite. It is left to the common people. But we did not unite for our water. Will we unite for traditions?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) Rs 2000 Note Photo

RBI Rs 2000 Note Photo:  As per Reports, Reserve Bank of India Bank will circulate notes of the denomination of ₹2,000 soon. The notes have already been printed, and their despatch from the currency printing press in Mysuru has commenced. the daily added that neither the Indian government nor the central bank confirmed the development.

                             Now The pictures of Rs 2000 currency notes are going Viral on Social media site like Twitter and Facebook. We can’t Say its original or not, but everyone sharing it with tagline ‘Reserve Bank of India Rs 2000 Note First Look’. Check out the Rs 2000 Note which is shared on Social Media below.
2000 rupees note
2000 rupees note

                        The Reserve Bank of India has very nearly completed preparations for introducing this new high-value currency, sources said.There has been no official word on the introduction of new notes either from the RBI or the government. The government, on the advice of the RBI , decides on various denominations of banknotes to be issued.
                       The incidence of cash transactions and the huge volume of high-value currencies is unique to India, notwithstanding recent efforts to move towards cashless transactions. The two topmost currencies — Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 — accounted for about 86 percent of the new currency notes added in 2014-15, according to RBI statistics.
                             Currency notes and coins are printed/minted at about eight units owned by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL), a finance ministry company. SMPCIL’s two currency printing units — at Dewas in Madhya Pradesh and Nashik in Maharashtra — print about 40 percent of India’s currency notes. Coins are minted at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida units of SMPCIL.
Currency notes and coins are printed/minted by the government of India on the advice of the RBI, which also estimates the denomination-wise currency needs, and co-ordinates with the government on design and security aspects.
The highest denomination note ever printed by the Reserve Bank of India was the Rs 10,000 note in 1938 and again in 1954. These notes were demonetised in 1946, and again in 1978.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends 2017

Ι would like Τo say how mυch joy you Ηave given me, Αnd wish for Υou joy and Ηappiness in return,
Ηappy New Year friend.

Αs the New Υear approaches υs with hopes Νew, here Ιs wishing you, Αnd your family Α wonderful year Αhead,
Ηappy New Year friend

Αll of us Εvery single year ωe are a dιfferent person, Ι don’t Τhink we are Τhe same person Αll our lives,
Happy Νew Year 2017.

Yοur life is ωhat your thoughts Μake it, Υour New Year Ιs what, what Υou make it,
Ηappy New Year Dear friend.

Happy New Year Messages for Friends 2017

Νo one can gο back in Τime to change ωhat has happened.
Sο work on Υour present to Μake yourself a wοnderful future.
Happy Νew Year 2017

Thank Yοu for pushing Μe to Dο Great Things, Which Ι Thought Ι Can not Dο, I Hοpe To Follow,
Your Ρath So That Ι Can Also Βe Called Α Boss Someday.
Happy Νew Year friend.

Οh My Dear, Fοrget your Fear, Let Αll your Dreams Βe Clear,never Pυt Tear,
Ρlease Hear I ωant to Tell οne Thing in Υour ear Wishing Υou a very,
Happy Νew Year 2017.
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Happy Chinese New Year Images | Wallpapers | Photos

Happy Chinese New Year Images | Wallpapers | Photos: China is number one in population. We want to cover this area too. You can find out Happy Chinese New Year Images, Happy Chinese New Year Wallpapers and Happy Chinese New Year Photos on our website. You might be interested in Chinese Happy New Year 2017 Greetings and New Year 2017 Chinese Wishes.

Happy Chinese New Year Images

Chinese and descendants of Chinese are scattered all around the globe. That is why Happy Chinese New Year is celebrated with great pomp. You can find out Happy Chinese New Year Images on our website collection.

Happy Chinese New Year Wallpapers

We want to make your new year special. We are trying to cover up all languages. We have also shared some Happy Chinese New Year Wallpapers and Photos in our collection.

Happy Chinese New Year Photos

On the day of Happy Chinese New Year you can see big parades, fireworks on all over the sky and other events going on in many cities. People also find for Chinese New Year Photos on different site. We have also uploaded some Happy Chinese New Year Pictures.

Happy Chinese New Year

People start the preparations for Happy Chinese New Year weeks before and celebrate Happy Chinese New Year with great joy and happiness. Don’t forget to share these with your friends and family.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Pokémon Go is Nintendo's first foray into augmented reality apps for Apple and Android devices, and it has already proved to be incredibly popular, with Pokémon players around the world downloading the app and hunting for pocket monsters.

Although most of the world can't wait to catch Pokémon on their smartphones, Pokémon Go is now officially out for those in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and Japan, although some other countries around the world are still having to wait. Thankfully new regions are officially getting Pokémon Go at a consistent rate.
Niantic, Inc, the company that developed Pokémon Go, have released a number of updates for the game, though a recent update, 0.31.0, has been controversial due to removing the footsteps tracker and other handy elements of the game. Some users also report that their progress has been reset.
If you're encountering any problems while playing, head over to our how to fix Pokemon Go problems guide, which should help you get Pokémon Go up and running.
Once you've downloaded Pokémon Go, make sure you check out our guide to the best Pokémon Go tips and tricks to help you catch all the best Pokémon! This guide to downloading Pokémon Go includes a new link to the latest version of the game - so you can safely download it without worrying.
Pokémon Go is proving to be hugely popular, so if you're unable to connect to the server, check out the Pokémon Go Server Status page to make sure the server is online. If it's not, that may be why you cannot connect to Pokémon Go.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


This SQL Server tutorial explains how to use the SQL Server DROP USER statement with syntax and examples.


The DROP USER statement is used to remove a user from the SQL Server database.


The syntax for the DROP USER statement in SQL Server (Transact-SQL) is:
DROP USER user_name;

Parameters or Arguments

The name of the user to remove from the SQL Server database.


  • Before you can drop a user, you must delete objects owned by the user or transfer ownership of those objects..


Let's look at how to drop a user using the DROP USER statement in SQL Server.
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